Polina Choni: the story is not about bread

Aarón Blanco Tejedor

This is a whimsical photo capturing Polina Choni in a unique mask made entirely of bread. The mask is adorned with delicate leaves, adding an intriguing touch to the overall aesthetic.

In the 79 issue (December 2023) of our rural and local monthly publication, Korpo Bladet, we had the honour of publishing a beautifully illustrated short story by Polina Choni.

Polina is an artist in residence at AARK, Archipelago Art Residency in Korpo, supported by HIAP’s Ukraine Solidarity Residencies Programme (link). The story has also been published on the Work In Progress blog on the residency’s website, a blog we run in collaboration with the residency.

AARK is a beautiful art residency and a crazy project founded in 2015 by locals Renja Leino and Benkku Andersson that brings so many good things to our small community. Hundreds of Finnish and international artists have had the opportunity to stay on the island and have been inspired by the wild nature, the proximity of the residency to the sea and the tranquillity of the environment.

Bellow, you can read Polina’s story about her journey to Finland, and her artistic research and practice.

Note: A few times a year, artists from the residency use the space we offer them to share their thoughts, experiences, ideas, inspirations or whatever they feel like sharing. So if you are interested about the stories of international artists on residency in this remote location, make sure you subscribe to the newsletter in the form bellow.

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