Living life with joy 

Aarón Blanco Tejedor

Aarón, with an orange hat, is lying on the snow with a big smile on his face.

When I founded Ubuntu Productions, all I knew was two things: I wanted to make use of my diverse talents and creative force to help others, and I wanted to dedicate my working time and energy to bring positivity and treat my clients with love and respect.

Let’s face it, life is too precious to be spent in a perpetual state of seriousness and stress. We have a limited amount of time and energy, and we should focus it on the things we think this world needs for the future. In my case, I decided to focus on bringing love and joy to this world.

From my perspective, I believe that those of us who are fortunate enough to live in a place of peace, who are lucky enough to wake up in a warm house and have access to warm water for showering, should feel a great sense of gratitude and focus on things that will bring about a better society. This way, we can shine light into the world.

Because, what do we gain by making another person miserable? What do we gain by hating other humans? What do we gain by being in constant conflict at home or at work? What do we gain by hating our neighbours? Absolutely nothing. When we engage in these feelings, we are planting the seeds for traumas and future conflicts. The wars we see around the world are nothing more than glorified generational traumas and conflicts.

So please, those who live in freedom and peace, let’s stop fighting and focus as much as we can on living in joy and love, so that we can spread a sense of positivity. That’s what this world needs the most. Because we don’t have a future if we don’t understand that we are all humans and that we all share the same basic need for love, respect, and understanding.

Ubuntu! 💚

In the pic: Aarón Blanco Tejedor, founder of Ubuntu Productions.

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